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Wolf Den Series week 5

Good Evening and I hope you are all doing well tonight. WDS Week 5 is right around the corner, tomorrow night starting at 6 pm EST. Points in standings are on the line, and there are a good number of story lines that have been developing throughout the course of the season. Will WDS EXO continue to improve and finally win a weekly tournament? Boston Watchmen, have been consistently flying under the radar and putting in work, to be currently sitting 4th in standings. The originally known as FB express, then Soap Studs, now have a new iteration of their team identity, as it would appear they have been brought on by Overlooked Esports as a North American squad. The European Organization has been looking to expand into this region and seem to have stated their intentions with this signing. They have been playing very well every week since they entered our league, can they continue to be one of the top dogs? Starting Point has not yet registered for this week, which begs the question, will they be back this week or have they decided they have played enough to ake major? Can other teams make ground and push them lower in standings if they are absent this week? How far might they fall? We also appear to have a new team throwing their hat in the ring this week, and it's going to be very interesting to see what "wut" can do in the bracket. Story lines aside we also have an update for players in how the bracket is going to work this week. In previous weeks each round of the bracket has been separated with advancements from pool to pool. This has led to players waiting a long amount of time to play their next round matches once they report scores. An adjustment has been made in an effort to fix this issue, as now only the finals round will be separated from the rest of the bracket, as it is best of 5, and will be awaiting results of other matches regardless and will always be scheduled on stream. This should streamline the flow of the bracket and make things quicker and easier for players, and staff alike. All of this said, week 5 registration is still open and I encourage any teams not ye signed up or that have been considering to do so. every team in the bracket adds to the season and the events in general. Signups can be foound at the following link: Thank You! M7Hart

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