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Wolf Den Series Signs League Rep Team!

Wolf Den Series is proud to belatedly and formally announce the signing of team EXO who have been competing with us since week 2. They are now known as Wolf Den EXO (WDS EXO for short and tags)

The Roster consists of Captain: EXO Mikey 2nd and 3rd, in no particular order EXO Synz (prounced Sins) EXO Shred And Alternate: EXO Arise We have also made for them a new custom logo:

We are very exited to see what this team can do going forward in the bubble and we're proud to have them represent our league while doing so! Big thank you to the players, and to all of the staff making this possible. Special shoutout to our VP Fresh who is also acting as main team manager, and to our Partners! Reborn Entertainment and Rocket League Trilogy Series! Our Broadasts would not be possible without the very good work of Reborn Entertainment. Fresh is not only our Company Vice President but also is one of our main casting talents, and does many other untold things in the background to make this league run! Thank you! M7Hart ~ CEO

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