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Wolf Den Series Season 1.2

Our season registration page on: is finally almost open to register for! The wait is over for these great events to return, bigger, better funded, revamped and rebuilt. Our league structure has changed in terms of how we run events in a big way. The first big change is that we have switched away from a bo3, single elimination bracket, to a much more acceptive, competitive, team/player friendly format. Swiss advancing into Double Elimination bracket. Second big change, as some may already know, is we now have two full competitive rosters within our Company brand to represent us in:

- RLCS (Main roster only as per rules). - Our own season Wolf Den Series Season 1.2 (no limit on number of teams per org) - Any and all other community events we may be able to participate in, as many factors allow. They are (WDS) Synergy - #(WDS)Syn, and (WDS) Academy - #(WDS)Acad. Roster announcements can be found on our twitter/X profile at: Our Team and event VODs and Custom Content can be found at our youtube channel: Wolf Den Series - YouTube We also now have a linktree available where you can find all of our social profiles and channels in one place at: Don't forget to check out our merch shop at: And perhaps even buy yourself something nice, and support our operations directly at the same time! Yes, we are also a sponsored creator with Use Promo Code: WOLFDENSERIES at checkout for exclusive discounts on some very tasty gamer sups! #dubbyenergy #DUBBY

Our twitch channel can be found at: for coverage of live events, and other streams by #wolfdenseries and our partners/sponsored creators.#wolfdenseries #esports #eSports #RL #rocketleague #tournaments #league #events #f2p #cashprize #gaming #game #wds @RLConnectorWe would also like to add, our thanks to all the support we've been receiving over at Lotus 8 Esports you can find their posts at: #WEARELOTUS8 Thank you all for the love and support! May the best teams win! M7Hart

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