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Welcome To Wolf Den Series Esports! Check out our league announcement trailer and keep reading! ......

This is a brand new league in our first season of running. We aim to provide a purely bubble scene experience to our players. This League features only one cap. That is to qualify players must not have RLCS points within the last 12 months.

Player Eligibility:

Eligibility is judged on the player - level. Players that sign up must meet the following criteria to be eligible for league play:

Player’s account must have more than 300 ranked 3s matches in total

Player’s account must have existed for more than 3 seasons.

Player cannot have achieved RLCS points within 12 months.

Player must be 15

years of age or older, or 13 years of age with provided parental consent.

Players cannot play on multiple teams, or on multiple accounts.

Rosters are to consist of 3 players and up to two alternates

In-Game / Play Matches must be played with a full roster (3 players)

Any attempt to play with a roster of less than 3 players will result in that team forfeiting that series.

Players are not to talk to each other during a series. -This applies to toxic quick-chats as well as match chat.

In the event toxic communication occurs, screenshots, or recordings with timestamps must be provided to tournament staff through a support ticket.

Teams are not allowed spectators, unless agreed upon by both teams prior to the match/series.

Broadasts: Some games will be broadcasted to viewers on twitch, youtube, FB, etc. Players adhere to instructions of the Match Official from WDS. If a player leaves a match before the series is up or before the final game hits 0:00, that team is issued a verbal warning. Two warnings of any nature disqualifies a team from the remainder of the split. Teams that are late to broadcasted matches incur a 1 game penalty for each 5 minutes that the full roster is not in the designated server. This is waived for lobby resets.

POV streams are permitted so long as the do not overlap WDS Mainstream broadcasts, and follow the following title format: “WolfDen Series ‘team’ vs. ‘team’ mm/dd/yyyy”

All players are required to be on the field prior to the countdown. If not all players are on the field, remake the lobby and start over.

All PLayers are required to remain in match Lobby for streamed matches until prompted by broadcast team that it is okay to leave (This is for the audience) If a player is disconnected from a live game for any reason, they may only rejoin once a goal has been scored, or the clock stops.

Players rejoining mid-play will be given moderation points.

All games are to be played on DFH Stadium unless otherwise agreed upon by BOTH teams. Failure to adhere will result in the lobby-making team receiving mod points.

Standard 3v3, No Bots, No Mutators, 5 Minute match length.

All games will be played on US East servers, unless previously agreed upon by both teams, and cleared with tournament staff prior to series start.

Lobby creation is handled by the team designated in or the broadcasters for streamed matches.

To report scores use the API function when possible, and also save and upload all possible series replays in designated discord channel (Wolf Den Series Community Server)

Players are responsible when prompted to validate the scores input by the API or other team

Season link below: Here is the League chosen Matchup of The Day from the Wolf Den Series Open; Semi-Finals; Lotus 8 (Zenith) vs Next2Nu

We Look Forward to casting your matches and hosting your play, and hope to see you soon!

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