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New Wolf Den Series Custom Octane Decal

We at Wolf Den Series are proud to present our brand new custom octane decal. This decal is usable in bakkesmod and I must say it looks sweet! We will be using this decalon our models on streams during intermissions as we strive to present a high end production of great value for our fans and viewers!

Our players deserve no less than the best, and so does everyone else who tunes in to watch us this coming saturday feb. 10 at 6 p.m. EST on twitch. Come and Watch the Wolf Den Series Season 1 Opening Split Live on the aforementioned date, and more weekly tournaments to follow it! Season page on start can be found here: Registration for the Opening Split can be reached through the above link or through the following link directly: Please also come and subscribe to us on youtube for tournament vod content and cinematic content produced by Reborn Entertainment! Our Merch shop is fully functional and waiting for your orders at: We would truly appreciate any support that may be given by buying yourself something nice. Proceeds to prize pools and operating costs. We are a volunteer staff and do all we can with our available resources. Your help and support in this regard thus means a whole lot to us, and we are truly thankful to any supporters for your contributions! Links to our other socials can be found below: Facebook: Instagram: Threads:

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Feb 05

awwwwwwooooooooo aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

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